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The compounds production as a continuos rubber strip is an unavoidable need that allows to optimize the further steps of the production of rubber articles (extrusion and moulding).
The STW winder allows the picking of complete compouds' "batch" in a single reel, with many advantages for the final utilization.
Installed together with the STC cooler it is a very efficient compounds picking and packaging station both in terms of surface holded and of the reached automation level.

MAX REELS DIAMETER (for standard version):         mm 500

In single or double version, the STW winder perfectly suites every kind of existing production line.
The reel's discharge is automatized and their handling may be made using normal fork-lift, or special handling systems with different automation levels studied for each kind of our customer's need.
The reels dimension may change both in diameter and in lenght.

MAX WINDING SPEED:                                            mt/min 35

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